Accurate Termite / Pest Control

Contact: Josh Mentzer
Phone: 949-837-6483
Address: 13865 Alton Parkway Ste110, Irvine CA 92618
Accurate Termite and Pest Control started as a termite services only company in 1998. The original founder of accurate pest control decided to sell the company in 2004 when it was still very small and struggling to make a name for itself. At the same time, Jim Donnelly, current company President, decided to retire from his career as a successful engineer in Orange County, California and sought to purchase a home services business. He and his wife Lesley decided to purchase Accurate Termite and Pest Control. Though neither had previous experience or knowledge in termite or pest control, both developed a keen understanding of solid work ethic and customer service principles by growing up working in their respective family’s businesses. Jim grew up helping to maintain and run his family’s pub in the small Irish town of Garristown where he grew up. The family-run pub, Donnelly’s, is still in operation and a local favorite today. Lesley was heavily involved in the administrative responsibilities of her father’s interior design business in Ireland. Her administrative and organizational skills helped keep the business afloat and kept a portfolio of clients happy. When Jim and Lesley first purchased Accurate Termite and Pest Control in 2004, their first focus was to learn the termite and pest control industry with help from the members on staff who had the necessary experience. Jim and Lesley then infused their own way of doing business based on the principles of family values, professionalism, and customer service they had cultivated in their previous experiences. Their unique philosophy and approach to the termite and pest control industry proved to be successful and has made Accurate Termite and Pest Control Southern California’s fastest growing full service termite and accurate pest control company. Accurate Termite and Pest Control remains a family-owned and operated business with the Donnelly’s still very active in day-to-day operations. In fact, a very select group of customers still enjoy the benefit of having their home inspections performed by Jim himself.