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Residential Reports The Industry Standard Package A favorite among California sellers, buyers and agents. Includes: NATURAL HAZARDS - Covers Local City and County-level natural hazard disclosures from the General Plan Safety Element as well as the California-mandated earthquake, fire and flood zones on the statutory "Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement.” Also addresses Former Military Ordnance Sites, Airport Influence Areas, Commercial & Industrial Usage, Megan’s Law, Toxic Mold Act, Radon, and additional disclosures and advisories. FEATURED: Concise up-front Determination Summary provides buyer with instant access to all included disclosure findings and explanations. PROPERTY TAX LIABILITY - Discloses the California-mandated "Notice of Special Tax" (for Mello Roos Community Facilities Districts) and "Notice of Special Assessment" (1915 Bond Act), as well as a detailed breakdown of all local taxes to help you fully satisfy statutory requirements and standard-of-care. FEATURED: Try our instant calculator in this report – automatically estimates buyer’s total property tax and supplemental tax liabilities. ENVIRONMENTAL SCREENING - Reports the results of a search of government records for sites of known environmental contamination on and near the subject property, such as leaking underground fuel tanks and contaminated landfills and industrial sites. FEATURED: Discloses underground transmission pipelines within 2,000 feet. The Comprehensive Report The minimum standard in order to meet California disclosure requirements. It includes the same natural hazards and property tax liability disclosures as above. NOTE: Does NOT include the environmental screening disclosures. The Arizona Property Hazard Disclosure Report Assists Arizona home buyers in the “due-diligence” investigation of their property before signing the purchase contract, and protects sellers by disclosing up front the hazards which the state considers important in a property transaction—all in a clear and simple report format. The Nevada Property Hazard Disclosure Report Nevada Property Hazard Disclosure Report is designed to assist sellers and their agents in minimizing the potential for non-disclosure lawsuits after the transaction has closed.