Membership Benefits

Your REALTOR® membership in The Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS® connects you with exclusive products, programs and services as well as becoming a member of the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.).We pride ourselves as the member friendly Association of REALTORS® strive to make your experience with us the best part of your day.


What exactly are the benefits of being a TIGAR Member?  TIGAR Members are invited to attend our weekly Thursday Breakfast and attend all TIGAR Recreational and Education Events.

TIGAR Perks are discounts to local theme parks and entertainment throughout the Inland Empire and Southern California that all TIGAR Members receive access to.


REALTOR® Advocacy: TIGAR is highly involved with our local City, County, and State Representatives to ensure that REALTOR® issues and rights are represented throughout the Inland Empire.  TIGAR works to preserve home ownership, property rights, and protect the REALTOR® against harmful Taxes or Legislation that may restrict the REALTOR® Business Industry.


REALTOR® Support and Development: At TIGAR we understand the meaning of Community. TIGAR continuously works to provide our REALTORS® with all the resources required to be a successful REALTOR®.  Our job is to make sure you have everything you need to gain a competitive edge in changing marketplace.  What do I need to know?  How do you differentiate?  How do you best manage time? How do I protect myself from potential ethical issues?  


Additional Member Benefits and Helpful Info

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