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"Update 6/23: The vote was rescheduled and could now come on Monday, 6/26. We are asking all members to make a second round of calls today or Monday asking Assm. Cervantes to oppose this bill."




Background and Talking Points

Current law, as enacted by voters with Proposition 218 – The Right to Vote on Taxes initiative, requires that all new property-related taxes and most fees proposed by a local government or agency must be approved by 2/3 of the voters. A limited exception to this general rule exists for fees assessed for water, garbage, and sewer service.
SB 231 will redefine the word ‘sewer’ in the law in order to avoid the 2/3 vote requirement and directly tax property-owners for larger stormwater infrastructure projects.

  • SB 231 is an attempt to impose TAXES without voter approval. Proponents claim the bill only seeks to attach a definition to the term “sewers.” In reality, the bill is nothing more than legal “trickery” to get around having to get voter approval for a new tax.
  • SB 231 is a blatant attempt to circumvent the will of the voters. SB 231 ignores the will and mandate of the voters, by creating an expansive definition of the word ‘sewer’ that is neither consistent with public policy, the intent of the voters, nor the plain meaning of the word.  
  • Voters SHOULD have the ability to approve or deny paying for larger infrastructure projects. Notwithstanding the merits of a particular project, Proposition 218 gave the decision-making authority for funding to the voters. And the voters should be the ones to decide.

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