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Take a good look at what The Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS® can offer you. Obtaining your real estate license took time, intelligence, commitment and was your first step on your journey toward a successful career in the real estate business. Doesn't it make sense for you to continue building on what you have worked so hard to achieve?

Joining TIGAR is another step in the right direction for becoming part of the REALTOR® family. Once you join TIGAR, you become a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, and the California Association of REALTORS®. This entitles you to full access of Zip Forms, special benefits, and exclusive services and products.

The REALTOR® organization consists of local, state, and national support structures. All of which are here to help you succeed as a Real Estate Professional. Just as you serve your clients, The Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS® fully supports our members. Our TIGAR customer service team strives to make your experience with us the best part of your day.

Please feel free to Contact Us at (951) 735-5121 in choosing the right membership for you!

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Join TIGAR as a REALTOR® and gain full benefits of all TIGAR has to offer, including MLS, zipForms® and Much more!

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Only need MLS? This limited account does not receive all the REALTOR® benefits offered. Just MLS access.

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Do you have an assistant or office clerical who needs access to the MLS? This membership is for any assistant, no license needed.

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Do you have a business and would like to network with our REALTORS®? Join as an Affiliate and get exclusive benefits from TIGAR!

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Are you an aspiring agent currently studying to get your real estate license? Join as a Student member today!

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